A. Friederich & Sons Co.
General Contractors

Selden Motor Vehicle Company

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Names:Selden Motor Vehicle Company,
Samson United Corporation,
Stromberg-Carlson Co.,
RF Communications, Inc.,
Harris RF Communications,
L3Harris Technologies, Communications Systems
Address:1700 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

A. Friederich & Sons Co. constructed this building in 1909 for the Selden Motor Vehicle Corporation. Selden held the first U.S. patent for a "horseless carriage" and thus, controversially, is considered the inventor of the automobile. By 1935, the building was occupied by Samson United Corporation, a household electric appliance manufacturer. After that, the building was occupied by Stromberg-Carlson. Two engineers from Stromberg-Carlson (Bill Stolze and Elmer Schwittek) co-founded RF Communications, Inc., which moved into the building in 1962. Harris acquired RF Communications in 1969, and merged with L3 in 2019 to become L3Harris, the current owner.

Building photo
Building photo