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This page lists buildings constructed by A. Friederich & Sons Co. exactly as they appear in various publications. Buildings are listed under the publication in which they appear. The same building may be listed in multiple publications. Some buildings link to a page with additional information and pictures. You may narrow the lists by entering all or part of a building name or the year it was built in the search box. If a building was subsequently renamed, the search may not find the new name.

The 75th Anniversary [of] A. Friederich & Sons Company (1945)
“Buildings Constructed by A. Friederich & Sons Company”
1875Hanover & Bader
1882R. Hart Building
1882J. Kiner Building
1882Huges Building
1882Gagin & Knowels Building
1882Little & Rowes Building
1883Pert Building
1883Smith Building—Exchange Street 
1883Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway—Engine House & Machine Shop at Bradford, Pa.
1883No. 10 Fire House 
1884Bouton Building
1884Yawman & Erbe Building 
1885Monroe County Jail 
1885Brown House—Franklin Square 
1885G. Hart's Building
1885Reynolds Library—U. of R. 
1886Dansville Sanatorium, now Bernard McFadden 
1886Bantels Barn 
1886Hayden Furniture Co., Addition 
1887Elwanger & Barry Building 
1888Chas. Hilkins Building
1888Eichman Block
1888Gas Holder for Citizens Gas Co. 
1888F. Goetzman House
1888Stecher Lithographing Co. 
1888Sill Stove Works
1889M. Oetinger Building
1889Electric R. R. Co. Building
1889Y. M. C. A. Building 
1889American Brewing Company
1890Hunt Bldg., Mill & Commercial St. 
1890Rochester Power Company 
1891Cook's Opera House, South Ave 
1891St. Mary's Hospital, Rebuilt 
1893State of New York, Administration Bldg., State Asylum, Rochester
1893Riverside Cemetery, Office & Vault 
1894Monroe County Court House 
1895Flat Iron Bldg., Main & East Ave. 
1896State of New York, Hospital Bldg., Sonyea, N. Y.
1896Woodworth Bldg., Platt & State Sts. 
1896St. Paul's Church, East Ave 
1897Syracuse University Office Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y.
1897Miller Furniture Factory
1898Security Trust Bldg 
1898Loebs Residence
1899Bausch Residence
1900Rochester Gas & Electric Bldg., at the River Flats
1900Mechanics Institute Building 
1900Church of the Reformation 
1900West Ave., M. E. Church 
1900Bausch & Lomb 
1900Telephone Bldg., Park & Goodman 
1901Grading Gravel Pit for N. Y. C. R. R., Palmyra, N. Y.
1901New York Central R. R. Paint Shop & Oil House, Buffalo, N. Y.
1901Foundations—East High School 
1901Paint Shop, N. Y. C. R. R., East Buffalo, N. Y.
1901Citizens Power & Light Co. Bldg. 
1901Edward Bausch Residence 
1901Stecher Lithographic Co. 
1901Goulds Mfg. Co., Seneca Falls, N. Y.
1902Carl Lomb Residence 
1902Masonic Temple 
1902Stromberg-Carlson Co., Culver Rd. 
1902Carl F. Lomb Residence, East Ave. 
1902Church of the Reformation—Addition 
1903Barry Residence—East Avenue
1903State of New York—Boiler House, Rochester State Hosp.
1903Rochester Distilling Co.
1903Stromberg-Carlson, Bldg. No. 5 
1903Eastman Residence 
1904Vandenberg Building
1904State of New York—Laundry Bldg., Rochester State Hosp.
1904Rochester German Insurance Co. 
1904Hubbell Residence 
1904Henry Strong Bldg., State & Platt Sts. 
1904University of Rochester, Power House, etc.
1904Stein Bloch Clothing Co. 
1904Gate House at Reservoir 
1904Rochester Trust & Safe Deposit Co. 
1905Cornwall Building 
1905George Eastman Residence 
1905Rochester Button Works, State St. 
1906Duffy Cider Plant
1906Duffy Powers Building 
1906Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Bldg. 
1908Genesee Valley Park Band Stand
1908Hotel Rochester 
1908Ettenheimer House
1909Temple Theater 
1909Rochester German Insurance Co., Remodeling 
1909Symington-Gould Corp., Lincoln Park 
1909J.W. Allen & Harris Lumber Co., West Avenue
1909Rochester City Hospital 
1909City of Rochester—Convention Hall—Addition 
1909Synagogue—B'rith Kodesh Congregation
1909Seldon Motor Vehicle Co. 
1909University of Rochester—Applied Science Bldg.
1910Nurses' Home—Homepathic Hosp.
1910Bevier Memorial Bldg.—Mechanics Institute 
1910Foster Warner Residence, East Ave.
1910City Hospital—Fireproofing 
1910Addition to Menihan Shoe Co. 
1910Rochester Telephone Co.—Park Ave., Building 
1911Exposition Park Building No. 2
1911School No. 20 
1911Band Stand—Exposition Park
1911Eastman Kodak Co., Bldg. No. 42 
1911Infants Summer Hospital
1911Mechanics Institute—Manual Training Bldg.
1911Grand Theater—Plymouth Ave., North 
1911Y. M. C. A. Building 
1912American Brewing Co., Alterations
1912E. W. Edwards & Sons—Concrete Building 
1912Art Gallery—U. of R. 
1912Lyndhurst Theater 
1912N. Y. State Railways—Transformer Station—Charlotte
1912Taylor Instrument Co.—Addition 
1913American Laundry Machinery Co., Foundry Building 
1913Charles F. Ames Residence
1913Folmer-Schwing Co., Add'l Floor
1913Building 5-17-19 General Railway Signal Company
1913Boiler & Ambulance House—Genesee Hospital
1913Historical Bldg., Canandaigua, N.Y. 
1913Rochester Packing Co.
1913Wollensak Optical Co. 
1914School No. 28
1914George Clune Residence 
1914Cutler Building—East Ave 
1914Lyons Residence, East Avenue
1914Canandaigua National Bank 
1914Max Kelman Building
1914Lisk Manufacturing Co.
1914Morton Cold Storage Building
1914Enlarge Boiler Room, Court House
1914Rochester Packing Co
1914Fashion Park Tailor Shops
1914Ward Bakery
1915Jewish Orphan Asylum
1915Alterations for Kalbfus School
1915School for Blind, Batavia, N. Y.
1915Addition to Reynolds Laboratory, University of Rochester 
1915Maplewood Branch—Y. M. C. A. 
1916Brown Knitting Mill
1916Chamber of Commerce Building 
1916City of Rochester Screen House—Disposal Plant
1916Gleason Works, Addition to Fdry.
1916Menihan Shoe Co.—Addition 
1916Mandeville-King Co.
1916North-East Electric Co.
1916New York State Railways, Car Barn, Portland Avenue 
1916Pennsylvania R. R. Freight House
1916T. H. Symington Co.—Hoffman Plant 
1916Social Settlement Bldg., Baden St.
1916Emil J. Wesp Residence
1917Fire House—St. Paul Street 
1917Dewey Ave., Presbyterian Church
1917Lake Avenue Baptist Church
1917Concordia Church
1917Pfaudler Co., Labratory Bldg. 
1917Symington Machine Corp. 
1917Addition to Y. W. C. A. Bldg. 
1918Addition to No. 30 School
1918Memorial Art Gallery 
1918Menihan Co., Engine & Boiler Room
1919Eastman Kodak Bldg., No. 32
1919George Eastman 
1919North West Foundry
1919J. Cohen & Son
1919Rosenberg Bros. Co.
1919Gleason Works—West Extension to Building
1920Madison High School 
1920Addition to Henry Conolly Bldg.
1920North West Foundries
1920John G. Elbs
1920E. W. Edwards & Son 
1920Duffy-Mott Co.
1920James G. Comerford
1920City of Rochester Garbage Plant
1921St. Matthews Lutheran Church 
1922Waasdorp Residence
1922Rectigraph Co. 
1922Rochester Telephone Co.—Genesee Street
1922Newman Bros. Grain Co.
1922Holy Cross Church, Charlotte, N. Y.
1922No. 43 School
1923Monroe High School 
1923No. 26 School
1923Elbs Bldg., Main St. & Gibbs St.
1923Rochester Carting Co., Warehouse
1923Rochester Gas & Electric Co., Power House, Charlotte, N. Y.
1923Rochester Packing Co.
1923Macomber Residence
1923Keuka Lake Ice Co., Penn Yan, N. Y.
1923Ithaca Lutheran Church, Ithaca, N. Y.
1923Irondequoit Masonic Temple, Irondequoit, N. Y.
1923East Side Saving Bank—Remodel
1923Bliss Plumbing & Supply Co.
1923Blanchard Storage Co. 
1923St. Augustine Church
1924University of Rochester—Medical Building
1924American Laundry Machinery Co.
1924Rochester Packing Co.
1924Highland Hospital Power House
1924Monroe County Savings Bank 
1924School No. 39
1924Rochester Carting Co., Mt. Hope Ave.
1924Nurses' Dormitory—U. of R. 
1924Emanuel Lutheran Church
1924Rochester Tallow Co.
1925Women's Dormitory—University of Rochester, University Ave. 
1925Steam & Passage Tunnels—University of Rochester, University Avenue Campus
1925Townson Residence
1925John Hill Kitchen Residence
1925School No. 40
1925Brighton Fire House
1925Bank of Spencerport
1925Chamber of Commerce—Addition 
1925Durand Eastman School
1925School No. 15 
1925East Side Presbyterian Church
1925City of Rochester—Cluett Peabody Bldg.—Remodel
1926Loew's Rochester Theater 
1926Women's Dormitory—University of Rochester No. 2, University Ave. 
1926Stone Bins Dolomite Products Co.
1926Rochester Theater 
1926City of Rochester, section of Subway
1926Second Church—Scientist
1926Sabey Building
1926Rochester Packing Co.
1927School No. 34
1927George Schnackel Residence
1927State of New York—Rochester State Hospital
1927Lincoln Alliance Bank—Monroe Office 
1927General Railway Signal Co.—Office Bldg.
1927The Leo Hart Company
1928Benjamin Franklin High School 
1928Garlock Packing Co., Palmyra, N. Y. 
1928Church of the Redeemer 
1928Rochester Brass & Wire Works
1928Rectigraph Co. 
1928Church of the Reformation—Sunday School Bldg. 
1928Boiler Room—School for the Deaf
1928Swimming Pool—M. H. Eisenhart Residence
1928Greece School
1928State Hospital—Nurses' Home & Staff Bldg.
1928Church of the Ascension
1929University Club of Rochester 
1929Genesee Valley Trust Building 
1929St. Thomas Church
1930Lyons National Bank
1930Stone Work—State Office Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.
1930Power House & Tunnel—County Buildings
1930State Hospital—Sonyea, N. Y.
1930JYMA-JYWA Associations 
1931Monroe County Hospital 
1931George Clark Residence
1931County Building Unit No. 3
1931County Building Unit No. 4
1932Bulk Plant—Colonial Beacon Oil Company
1933State Training School—Administration Bldg., Albion, N. Y.
1933Warehouse—Hart Food Stores
1933Super Service Store—Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.
1933Levis Music Store 
1933Stock House, Standard Brewing Co.
1934Warehouse—J. Cohen & Sons Co. 
1934John Marshall High School 
1935Standard Brewing Co.—Packing Room
1935Super Service Station—Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.
1935Sedimentation Basin—Village of Brockport
1935Wilson School—Wilson, N. Y.
1936Addition to West High School
1936School No. 49
1936Dansville School, Dansville, N. Y.
1936Prattsburg High School, Prattsburg, N. Y.
1936Jewish Home for the Aged
1936Warehouse—Flickinger Co.
1937State of New York, Mt. Morris, N. Y.—Nurses' Home
1937Branch House—Armour & Co.
1937City of Rochester, Municipal Incinerator 
1937Regional Market—Syracuse, N. Y. 
1937Post Office—Bullshead Station 
1937Wyoming School, Wyoming, N. Y.
1937Alexander School, Alexander, N. Y.
1938Montgomery Ward & Co. Store, Cortland, N. Y.
1938Hedges Memorial Chapel
1938Mayville School, Mayville, N. Y.
1938Wellsville School, Wellsville, N. Y.
1938Gannett Color Press
1938Foundation for Andover School, Andover, N. Y.
1939Cato School, Cato, N. Y.
1939Addition to National Clothing Co. 
1939Perry Knitting Co. Mills
1939Consolidated Machine Tool Co. 
1939Rochester Gas & Electric Service Building
1939Montgomery Ward Store—Plattsburg, N. Y.
1939Sears, Roebuck & Co. Service Sta.
1940S. S. Kresge Co., Plattsburg, N. Y.
1940Salvation Army Bldg. 
1940Sears, Roebuck & Co. Rochester Store, Addition
1940Montgomery Ward & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
1940Montgomery Ward & Co., Middletown, N. Y.
1940Spanish War Memorial
1940Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Record Building
1941St. Joseph Villa 
1941Consolidated Machine Tool Co. 
1941Remington Rand Co., Ilion, N. Y.
1941Sears, Roebuck & Co. Warehouse Alteration
1941Haloid Co.
1941Mechanics Laundry
1941B. Forman Co. 
1941Parking Lot, Sears, Roebuck & Co.
1941Rochester Brewing Co.
1941Klein Residence
1942Symington Gould Corp.—Foundry B 
1942Symington Gould Corp.—Depew, N. Y. Plant D for U. S. Army
1943Symington Gould Corp, Rochester, N. Y. Plant C Defense Plant Corp. 
1942Consolidated Machine Tool Co. 
1942Wilson & Co.
1942Burke Steel Co.
1942Jewish Home for Aged
1942Rochester Packing Co. (Tobin)
1942Symington Gould Corp. Plant E, Depew, N. Y. U. S. Army
1942Symington Gould Corp. Power House, Depew, N. Y.
1942Brighton Place Dairy
1942Ilex Optical Co.
1942A. C. Squadron Hanger, Curtis Wright Co., U. S. Army
1943Geneva General Hospital Addition
1943Rochester Packing Co. (Tobin)
1943National Battery Co., Depew, N. Y. U. S. Navy
1943Seneca Ordinance—U. S. Army, Romulus, N. Y.
1943U. S. Radiator Corp.—Defense Plant Corp., Geneva, N. Y.
1943Consolidated Machine Tool Co. 
1943Federal Housing Agency, Remodel Houses—Elmira, Geneva, Buffalo, N. Y.
1943Brighton Place Dairy
1943Barden & Robeson, Penn Yan, NY
1943Ilex Optical Co.
1943Nurses' Dormitory—University of Rochester, Federal Works
1943American Aviation Co. Jamestown, N. Y.
1943Burke Steel Co.
1943Hetzler Foundry—Addition
1943Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
194410th Ward World War No. 2 Memorial
1944Seneca Ordnance, U. S. Army, Romulus, N. Y.
1944Fairport Cold Storage, Fairport, N. Y.
1944U.S. Radiator Corp., Geneva, N. Y. Defense Plant Corp.
1944Tobin Packing Co.
1944Sampson Training Station, Sewage Plant, U. S. Navy
1944Duffy-Mott Co., Holley, N. Y.
1944Church of Our Savior—Lutheran
1944Standard Brewery Co.
1944Krieger Waste Paper Co.
1944Rochester Business Institute
1944Mechanics Laundry—Addition
1944St. Johns Evang. Lutheran Church, Hilton, N. Y.
1944Symington Gould Corp. 
1945E. I. duPont de Nemours—U. S. Navy, Dresden, N. Y.
1945National Dairy—New Haven, Connecticut
1945Lawless Paper Mill Supply Co.
Architecture and Design, Vol. XXII, April 1958
“A Selection of Projects Completed by A. Friederich & Sons Company, General Contractors, Rochester, New York”
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